Distro Ventures

We are a Technology Venture Capital firm looking to partner with early stage individual entrepreneurs. We make investments, provide technology resources, advice, and guidance to help entrepreneur individuals implement their ideas. Our purpose is to support and grow early stage ventures into amazing companies.


The companies we work with

About onSignOn

onSingOn solutions provide an integrated migration tool-set that will either provide integration services and interfaces to work with the onSignOn product or will help perform a migration that will make any enterprises data-store compatible for single-sign-on services. Also onSignOn provides hosted solutions allowing enterprises to leverage the Cloud for providing Single Sign-On services for their users. OnSignOn will be deploying its services on Amazon Cloud services (Amazon Web Services) - allowing companies to use the features that are required for their instance.

About Code Blue App

Making a doctor's appointment has never been easier. With Code Blue App you are just a few clicks away from it. You can choose from a list of available doctors, see who is the nearest and schedule an appointment when it suits you. No lines, no wait lists.

About Hugaa

Want to keep track of what your body is doing, but dont want to wear any aditional device? If so, Hugaa is your choice. Hugaa clothing contains sensors which track your vitals during training or just an easy walk. Information from sensors are sent to a companion app.

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We invest in your future!

Our mission is to create technology solutions that will improve your company’s performance.


We look for an individual investor to convince us how their product is going to shape the future. Our investments are done when the companies are in concept or incubation phase.

Advisory services

We provide the network and resources needed to help set start-up direction and achieve mission critical milestones. Our network of industry, financial and legal advisers help entrepreneurs plan and grow their business.

App Development

In addition to crafting out a digital strategy we have a team of multi-platform app developers who can rapidly spin out an MVP (minimum viable product) for the start-up.

Growth Marketing

Our concepts and methods of growth hacking help start-ups quickly expand customer base. The initial growth pivots on SEO and social media marketing.


Design thinking and User experience need to be at the crux of a technology solution from inception. It as much of an art as its science.


We are very focused on data gathering and strive to squeeze every ounce of information from the data we collect. Analytics, big data and cloud are central to our investment selection, digital and market strategy.

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